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Quality television has the power to elevate our understanding of the world, encourage respect for one another, and influence our lives in a positive way. Montana PBS shares diverse stories; connects our citizens; discovers common ground; and celebrates the independent spirit and beauty of Montana.

Montana PBS will provide all Montanans with local, public television that is fully supported by the citizens, businesses, foundations and public representatives of this state.
Montana PBS will broadcast programs that educate our people; that discuss current issues and reveal our history; that satisfy our curiosity, our musical ear, our artistic eye and even our sense of humor; and ultimately present programs that respect our intelligence.
Montana PBS will connect the residents of this state to each other, to their country and their world through the use of broadcast television, the internet and community outreach projects. We will be an electronic town square that encourages the sharing of ideas, opinions and information.
Montana PBS will choose programs based on community impact and will engage in services that echo the independent spirit and neighborly concern that is the hallmark of our state.

Honesty: All that we do must be with integrity and fairness, whether we are choosing programs to air; communicating with our viewers, members and citizens; or working with our colleagues and volunteers.

Unity: Our programs and outreach services should unite us to each other and to the world around us, all the while respecting our differences and celebrating our uniqueness.

Tolerance: By offering a window into the world of people next door as well as worlds away, Montana PBS encourages tolerance and respect.

Citizenship: Montana PBS seeks to build a strong community of citizens who are able to make educated, informed choices for their state and their world. We encourage involvement in civic life and respect the values of our democratic society.

Accountability: Montana PBS will always take ownership of the choices made by the staff and volunteers, and will use its mission, vision and values to inform all decisions. Donors and viewers have the right to know about the station’s goals, structure and activities.

Independence: By serving as a local, independent voice that is beholden to the citizens of Montana and not outside influences, Montana PBS can focus on making a difference in our state.

Impact: Our programs will be measured by the positive impact they have on our citizens and not by the supporting revenue they generate. The feedback of our viewers and members will inform our choices for programming and outreach.

Company History

On October 1, 1984 viewers in the Gallatin Valley experienced the first over-the-air signal from KUSM-TV. MSU had received permission from the FCC, The Montana Board of Regents, and The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) to rebroadcast the KUED, Salt Lake City signal as its primary programming source.

This first service was a response to a citizens group representing the growing non-cabled area surrounding Bozeman. They asked if MSU could find a way to combine the promised gift of a transmitter and antenna from a commercial broadcaster (Joe Sample) with their need for quality childrens' programming.

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